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Ramon Noguera
Ramon Noguera was born in Puig-Reig. He took his first steps in choral singing when he was a child. At the age of seven, he was a member of the Puig-Reig Parochial Choir and at 14 he was enrolled at the Schola Cantorum.

His career as a choral director started when the Youth Sardana Association was founded in 1968. The choir that was ultimately to become the current la Polifònica de Puig-Reig. He has been the director since 1969. For ten years, he also combined la Polifònica de Puig-Reig directing task with the directing the Berga local Music School Choir.

He was initially a self-taught musician, but later followed formal academic training. He received his first solfege lessons in 1968 from the priest Andreu Planas. In 1987, he completed his studies at the Barcelona high Local Music Conservatorium, where he was a pupil of Manuel Oltra in harmony and counterpoint studies and musical forms. As regards choral direction, he studied under Llu?Virgili in a course in Manresa in 1969, Manuel Cabrero at the Barcelona Audicor during the 1983-84 academic year, and under Eric Ericson in Barcelona in 1994.

He has directed on many occasions choral works with chamber or symphonic orchestras. Such works include G.F. Ha뮤el?s "Dettingen Te Deum" and "Messies", J.S. Bach?s
Cantata 142, W.A. Mozart?s ?Missae Brevis KV 194 and KV 258?, ?Missa Longa KV 262? and ?Requiem KV 626?, J.Haydn?s ?The Creation?, G.Faur鴳 ?Requiem?, Pau Casals?s ?The Crib? and John Rutter?s ?Requiem".

He has on uncountable occasions directed works with choirs and sardana cobla band accompaniment. It is also worth mentioning modern musicals like "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Godspell", "A Chorus Line", and "Cats" with orchestra accompaniment.

Ramon Noguera died on 25 February 2016.
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